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Toe Fillers (L5000)

Toe Fillers (L5000)

Made specifically for patients with Digital, Hallux, and Trans-Metatarsal amputations, these prosthetic devices are eligible for Medicare reimbursement and billable using the L5000 code through the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. Toe Filler inserts are simply Custom Inserts, made of high-quality EVA foam crafted with 3D scanning technology and cut with computer-aided routers, combined more material to fill the void left by an amputation procedure. Such orthotic devices eliminate the need for a separate insert for the affected foot.


A lot goes into making finely crafted custom inserts such as those pictured, left, which consist of three layers of material for maximum comfort:

  • Top layer: Procell EVA designed to provide cushioning and reduce abrasions
  • Middle layer: Poron foam designed to absorb shock
  • Bottom layer: EVA foam, Durometer measurement of 40, holds the contoured shape of the insert


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Made for patients who have undergone the following procedures:

  • Digital Amputation: the removal of one or more toes
  • Hallux Amputation: the removal of the innermost or “big” toe
  • Trans-Metatarsal Amputation: the removal of all or part of the forefoot

Claim Form Preparation

Box 24D – Enter code L5000 for the insert with the toe filler.

In the modifier column enter a:
KXRT for the right foot or a KXLT for the left foot

Box 24F – Enter the charge for the item (the allowable is $519.94 )

Box 24G – Enter 1 unit