A sports orthotic that provides moderate biomechanical controlwhile fitting into even the slimmest of shoe gear. It’s low bulk design combined with deep heel cups make it an ideal choice for ski boats, cleats, skates and any other slim fitting shoe gear.

Any case where limited space is available in shoes
(i.e. loafers or dress shoes). Can also be used in athletic activities such as soccer or track where a low profile shoe gear is required. Shin splints,plantar fasciitis, pes planus (flatfoot), general foot pain, stress/overuse athletes, hallux rigiditis.

Design Specifications:

  • Material: Semi-Rigid polypropylene shell
  • Heel Seat: 15mm
  • Posting: Intrinsic forefoot and rear foot posts are standard.
  • Top Cover. Full length 1/8″ Storm is standard
  • Bottom Cover. Full length 1/16″ Cloud is standard