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Custom Inserts

Custom Inserts

State-of-the-art scanning technology, courtesy of Medical Resources Limited (MRL), provides an accurate 3D impression utilized for a custom fit, tri-laminate foam insert that is Medicare-approved and specially tailored to accommodate the diabetic foot. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers enable Stride Lite technicians to bring these images to life precisely and efficiently, creating perfect replicas ready to wear in virtually no time.


A lot goes into making finely crafted custom inserts such as those pictured, left, which consist of three layers of material for maximum comfort:

  • Top layer: Procell EVA designed to provide cushioning and reduce abrasions
  • Middle layer: Poron foam designed to absorb shock
  • Bottom layer: EVA foam, Durometer measurement of 40, holds the contoured shape of the insert
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Design and manufacturing process:

Create digital impression of patient’s foot with MRL technology

Generate accurate 3D image

Technicians load 3D scan into CNC router

Router crafts precise replica of scan out of tri-laminate EVA foam, designed to absorb shock and reduce abrasions

Final mold is refined to ensure a smooth, comfortable feel

Technicians inspect inserts to ensure consistent, high-quality results