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  • Savannah 400-01 Top grain leather and adjustable Velcro make for a stylish, low-maintenance shoe you can wear to the office for that big meeting and out for drinks afterward, all the while in complete comfort.
  • Raven 800-01 Durability and performance do not necessitate sacrificing comfort. Available in black or white and with laces or Velcro, you can stay active while being easy on your feet with these weather-resistant leather shoes that are just as at home in the gym as on the street.
  • Carolina 100-01 Stretchable Lycra material eliminates pressure on a distressed foot for maximum comfort. Available with adjustable Velcro to suit various style preferences. Sleek, sophisticated yet understated design is perfect for both professional and casual environments.
  • Robert 2207-01 Sleek yet durable boot made for the great outdoors or the floorboards of a motorcycle. Black leather provides a stylish exterior that is easy to clean and goes well with an endless variety of looks and adventures.
  • Sydney 1858-01 Lightweight, stretchable black leather shoe, featuring a hand-tapered Velcro closure, easily adjusted for premium comfort that is also stylish. Easy to clean and slide off and on with just as little effort.