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  • Stride Lite Heat Meticulously crafted with three layers of shock-absorbing foam, this Medicare-approved, full-length, tri-laminate insert can be heat-molded to suit the unique contours of any Diabetic foot. Individually tailored to provide total contact with the entire foot, including the base and the arch. Features/Process: A lot goes into making finely crafted custom inserts such as those pictured, left, which consist of three layers of material, heat-moldable to the foot for maximum comfort:
    • Top layer: Procell EVA designed to provide cushioning and reduce abrasions
    • Middle layer: Poron foam designed to absorb shock
    • Bottom layer: EVA foam, Durometer measurement of 40, holds the contoured shape of the insert
    • Use external heat source, 230 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, to mold insert to foot, providing total contact with the heel and arch * According to guidelines, additional arch modifiers may be necessary to maintain total contact depending on arch height.