CuTec Copper Socks


CuTec Copper Socks

CuTec Copper Socks

Material: Unique, proprietary CuTec fiber made with copper-ion technology to bind copper to a fiber matrix of nylon and spun polyester and give the material attributes which allow it to be fashioned into glove inserts, knitted fabrics, narrow elastics, seamless apparel, socks, wound dressings, woven fabrics, and, of course, hosiery, just to name a few. Fabrics are produced using FYnesse STA•COOL technology which manages moisture by transporting it away from the body and to the fabric surface where it spreads quickly and dries fast. The heel uses “Y” technology to provide shape-to-fit comfort with a terrycloth bottom that provides excellent padding for the heel, arch, and forefoot while the flat toe seam is designed to prevent irritation around the digits.

Benefits: Enhances circulation with a the stretchable, non-constricting top and CuTEC fibers help to improve the wearer’s comfort, health, and even self-confidence by reducing odor, improving hygiene, and enhancing the look and feel of the wearer’s skin. CuTEC has shown to be beneficial to skin by improving tears, bruises, scaling, tone, and more.

Styles: Crew, Quarter Crew, Low Cut.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL.

Colors/Maintenance: All styles and sizes are available in black or white. Machine washable with cold water, no bleach, and able to be machine dried on low or air dried.

Low Cut White

Low Cut Black

Quarter Crew White

Quarter Crew Black

Crew White

Crew Black